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"Fantastic shop! Great people! I highly recommend! Fantastic new and vintage selection!" - Brian J. (via Facebook)

"Bought my Canon 7D from you guys this morning. Thanks for your friendly service. Keep it up!" - Dennis S. (via Facebook)

"Hi Newtonville Camera! I just wanted to say thank you for some really awesome customer service I got yesterday. You've got me hooked :)" - Laura S. (via Facebook)

"Thank you so much for being such a customer friendly place... Today I came in to upgrade my camera and you treated me like family... I walked away feeling happy about my purchase and even happier that I found you guys to work with... Trust is hard to come by these day... I would drive to the other end of the earth for this kind of service. Thank you!!!!" - Lisa M. (via Facebook)

"Very pleased with the professional and knowledgeable staff at the store. Had a problem with a product, and they were quick to help me to remedy it. Glad to be a customer of theirs." - William B. (via Facebook)

"Rescued again. Right answer to my problem and fast delivery. Moved my home to Florida, by my camera store will always be in Newton. Honest, informed and always has the right solution." - Glenn T. (via Facebook)

"What a great store. Everyone is so genuinely helpful, honest and nice. I say honest because I was talked out of buying several things I didn't need (but didn't know it). The items I did need were found for me with relaxed enthusiasm. Might not sound like much, but real service is not that common, and Newtonville Camera is the pioneer to bring good service back. Thanks for being a great shop." - Ben C. (via Facebook)

"Best customer service around. They will talk you through any questions you might have." - Lauren P. (via Facebook)

"I purchased a Nikon Coolpix 7700 in December of 2013, and I have been there a few times since then. In every respect my experience with the very knowledgeable and experienced staff has been excellent. As a veteran teacher if I were to assess their service with a grade it would definitely be an A. It also helps that their prices are very competitive." - Armen D. (via Facebook)

"You hit it out of the park again!!! How? With incredible customer service, and good value for my dollar. I can't say enough about you. Thank you for a wonderful experience on Monday. I love the lens. For those who are reading this but have never been to Newtonville Camera, they really know their stuff, and can meet the needs from anyone who needs their first point and shoot camera, to a professional camera for the true professional." - Joe R. (via Facebook)

"Honest, good selection, and great staff." - Irwin S. (via Facebook)

"Love finding a good bargain! Excellent service." - Frederick S. (via Facebook)

"Great place to find any photography related items. Very knowledgeable customer service with wide variety of cameras and accessories. Love this place:)" - Tania P. (via Facebook)

"They attended to me quickly for my purchase, the man that was assisting me in my purchase of the lens was very patient and helped me get all the things I needed to go with it (UV filter, extra lens cap) very quickly and I was very pleased. The lens... I was buying was made by Sigma (notorious quality control), so getting my hands on it in store to check the lens myself was well worth the price... My overall impression is that the employees are very knowledgeable and respectful to their customers!‎" - Noel. (via Google)

"If you need something for photography/cameras, then this is the place to go. They have all kinds of lenses and film and other equipment. They also have frames, photo albums, and whatever other type of ancillary product you would expect from a store of this type. Their photo processing is excellent quality. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. The location is convenient..." - Annabella G. (via JudysBook)

"I recently purchased a Nikon D800 and a 24-70mm lens from Newtonville Camera. After waiting for weeks for my camera to come from Adorama I decided I would try buying local. They were able to get the D800 in record time. People who pre-ordered on Adorama are still waiting for their camera. Not only were they quick, but the staff there is very friendly and very helpful. They are not pushy sales people like over at Calumet. They took the time to explain things to me and help me out. I would recommend this store to anyone who wants to make a little or big purchase." - Andrew S. (via Google)

"nice cameras and friendly staff" - Mike B, Chestnut Hill (via Yelp)

"I love this store. I went there the other day to buy a USB cable to copy pictures from my Olympus 720 SW... to my computer. When I tried to use the cable, though, I got an error saying the drive wasn't formatted, even though I could see the pictures fine on the camera. I explained the problem and went back to the store where they gave me a card reader instead (for the same price). The card reader also gave a strange error. At this point I was thinking I was going to have to go to a data recovery place to get the photos off my camera. But then the guy behind the counter took the memory card out of my camera and put it in a more powerful card reader which he had. He was able to see the photos, and he gave me a CD with my photos on it for free! He wouldn't let me give him any money. And he told me how to reformat the card so I wouldn't have that problem again. Finally, I accidentally left the XD card on the counter when I left and he ran out to hand it to me right as I was driving away. I can't say enough good things about this place." - Josh J. (via Google)

"I think they are GREAT. The owner is there and he is very invested in you serving you and giving you what you want not what will make him the most money!!!! Very knowledgeable! Pricing is good." - Sandie B. (via InsiderPages)

"Newtonville Camera offers every service you could image for your photography needs. They also carry camcorders. They have products for film and digital photography. They prices are reasonable for the quality." - Patricia M. (via InsiderPages)

"I consider my self a serious nature photographer, and have got much of my equipment there. I find the staff there to always be a treat to talk to, and I always feel confident in their recommendations. Their prices are reasonable, so it won't set you back all that much instead of buying from the internet. But, really I go there for the people. They love to talk cameras with me, which is always fun and informative. Highly recommended!!!" - Jay S, Auburndale (via Yelp)

"I love this camera store. While film processing is more expensive than chain store processing, it's so much better and worth it. The sales staff is incredibly knowledgeable as well, so it's a great place to learn about photography and camera types." - Shannon S. (via InsiderPages)

"I just returned from an absolutely great customer service experience at Newtonville Camera. Extremely helpful and accommodating. Not only do I feel good about patronizing a local business, but I feel great about supporting one that puts a premium on customer service. Kudos!" - Kristen G, West Newton (via Yelp)

"Newtonville Camera is a great place to get any photographic or video equipment. My experience there has been that the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They carry a huge range of items, from digital point and shoot cameras to more expensive film and digital SLRs, to camcorders and frames..." - Diana L. (via JudysBook)

"Just off the Massachusetts turnpike, and easy to get to location, therefore, this store is crammed with all an amateur and professional photographer would need. The range of available cameras, both new and used, is second to none. The staff are friendly and helpful. The store has printers, film cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, lighting equipment, bags, and on and on. It is not a department store! It caters to serious photographers... Highly recommended." - Alicia D. (via JudysBook)

"This is a quality camera store family owned and operated. I shoot events... weddings, school photos and bar mitzvahs... I would not shop anywhere else. They are competitive with internet pricing and their selection is top notch. Great guys who really know their stuff. I never feel over sold or under serviced. This is the place to get a "hands on" experience before you purchase. They want you to buy the equipment that is right for you... not just as much as they can sell you." - Michael E, Newton (via Yelp)

"... they really have a good quality of printing. You might want to check it out if you really like photography. This store has everything, from tripod to video camera..." - H.W. (via JudysBook)

"I agree with Admir. I went in yesterday to look for a specific camera bag that retail for about 30 bucks. They don't have it in stock but was very helpful in trying to locate/order one for me. Given their level of service, I proceed to discuss about upgrading from a point and shoot to a micro 4/3. Answer all my questions. Highlight features I should consider, and point out ones I shouldn't fret about b/c I won't be able to tell the difference given my skill level as a novice user and the extra cost for those features. No hard sale, no talking above me, nor talk down to me b/c I'm not a "Pro". I'll definitely go back to purchase my camera at Newtonville once I have made my decision even if I can find one cheaper on the web b/c of their professionalism and I'll go back for any future camera needs and will recommend them to my friends." - Anthony K, Cambridge (via Yelp)

"My experiences with this store have been nothing but excellent. I've spent well over $15k in gear here. Gear that I could have purchased on line but, the value in speaking with a knowledgeable pro face-to-face trumps a small savings every time. I've sent countless friends to the store in general. All have said their experience was excellent. I'll continue to support this local gem." - Bob J, Wellesley (via Yelp)

"I have been buying equipment from Newtonville Camera since they opened over 30 years ago. Great selection and extremely good advice. They have been more anxious to solve my problems than to try and sell something I did not really need, but only thought I needed. I am very knowledgeable about photo gear and know how to buy online. But I much prefer to buy here because of the helpful advice I get. Very few stores like Newtonville are left and they need to be supported.. So you go to a big box store and buy the wrong camera. You have saved money? Not. I recommend them to everyone I meet who is looking for a camera." - Leonard T, Newtonville (via Yelp)

"Being a Rhode Islanders, my wife and I decided to take a ride to check out some of the camera stores north of the border. We first stopped by a store in Norwood. My wife priced a Lowepro bag she wanted at $85 there. We then headed up to Newtonville Camera. We found the staff very accommodating and friendly enough. Incidentally, we purchased the exact same Lowepro bag for $54! We will definitely make another trip to Newtonville Camera! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL STORES BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE!!!" - Rick F, Riverside (via Yelp)

"You don't go here for cheap developing. You go here for quality developing and printing. While at the library recently, uploaded a few pix for development. When I got home about 3 hours later, had a voice mail saying my prints were ready! Also tried their 8mm film conversion to DVD. Done in just 2 days with a phone call to let me know. Even if either project had taken several days, would still use NVC cuz they know their stuff. I like a place where the owner is involved in the business and believes in offering quality services to us neighborhood folk. Thanks,NVC!" - Sue C, Newton (via Yelp)

"I LOVE this place! They have everything. The prices are as good as anything on the web. AND they offer great advice! Highly recommended!!!" - Cornelius B, Wayland (via Yelp)

"Without a doubt, Newtonville Camera offers the serious, and perhaps even the casual, photographer the most supportive and thorough expertise possible. The selection of cameras is varied, and the staff is patient and always interested, attempting to determine the needs and perhaps the capabilities of the customer. I am a relatively experienced, although amateur, photographer, and wanted to give a grandson a camera to use abroad while he was studying, traveling and working; he and I were given time, choices and advice with absolutely no pressure to purchase high end or otherwise. The selection was made with confidence, and the success of the product is completely the result of a wonderful, even fun, experience at Newtonville Camera. I would never consider any photographic advice or purchase anywhere but at this terrific store. It is always a pleasure just to walk through its doors." - Katherine B, Brookline (via Yelp)

"Newtonville Camera is a fantastic establishment! I have been going to NVC for over a year now and have never been disappointed. Service is good, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Prints are nothing short of fantastic! I've tried a few places prior to NVC. Once I found them I have little need to go anywhere else. The other chain photo printing stores do not produce the same quality that NVC can. NVC is also fast and reliable. Drop something off for them to print and you can expect a friendly phone call a day or two later saying your prints are done and ready for pickup. They'll call when each item is printed - say drop off a pair of slides and a roll of film, you'll get two phone calls. If you have digital prints you can have them done on the spot like any other store. They have great paper too, I really like the glossy. They have a good selection of new and used equipment. That is something you wont find at Best Buy or any other big store, quality used equipment. Their print pricing is extremely reasonable, especially if you'll be mounting yourself. Every time I've had a giclée "ink on canvas" made I've just been blown away. Their 8x10s are simply better than anyone else. Prints are much better from NVC than any other place I've tried." - Stan N, Boston (via Yelp)

"Everyone in the store takes photography seriously, and handles film carefully, and understands the equipment and technology they stock and use. I get better pictures from here than anywhere else, and that's what matters to me." - Ellen D, Belmont (via Yelp)

"I'm a working professional photographer and I'm thrilled to have Newtonville camera as my local camera store. The staff are always super friendly and helpful and I find this place devoid of any of the pretense many camera stores in the area have." - Ion S, West Newton (via Yelp)

"This store is amazing. I just bought my D5100 there and I was surprised that a relatively small store had such a large collections of cameras and lenses. The prices are very competitive too. The customer service and the advice that you get is absolutely great. If you live in the Boston area and you are looking for a new camera, lenses or other camera equipment than I definitely recommend checking Newtonville Camera." - Deni D, Worcester (via Yelp)

"I have been shopping at this store since 2001. I bought my first professional camera and have been going back to purchase all kinds of camera equipment. They are alway willing to answer questions. I check them first before going to other stores." - Paulette P, Milton (via Yelp)

"These guys were fantastic. I was looking for a place where I could talk to an expert about what I wanted, what I liked about what I've had in the past, and what I should be thinking about now. And, do it comfortably without feeling like I was being forced into buying something that wasn't right for me (rep's favorite brand, etc). I love taking photos, but I'm no pro and it would have been easy for someone to sneer at my questions about the "idiot" automatic settings on different models. Instead, I spoke to the salesperson for at least 20 minutes and he was delightfully knowledgeable and helpful. I left with a camera, a memory card, and a camera case. For a great price, might I add. I'd tried Best Buy first, and was sorely disappointed. Newtonville Camera gave me the personal service and expert knowledge I needed to make a smart purchase." - Susy J, Boston (via Yelp)

"I've been a customer forever. I like shopping here because they are so knowledgeable. These guys are literally the last man standing in the camera biz, as everyone else has left town, or gone out of business. Shopping at Big Box stores is a waste of time for me, they don't have the skills or gear I need." - M A, Boston (via Yelp)

"This place is the best. I have been going there for over twenty years, and the folks who work there are always friendly, knowledgeable and patient. A couple of years ago, when I was trying to decide on a new DSLR, they talked with me about different models and let me play with them endlessly over the course of numerous visits. Try to get that kind of service from an online store (or even a real one). And when I finally made a decision, they matched the price that Amazon and B&H had. Today they came through for me again, finding a replacement for a broken tripod part. OK, so they, and I, got lucky on that one. But where else are you going to find a place that is even interested in trying?" - Barry H, Auburndale (via Yelp)

"Been shopping here for years. These people really care and have access to almost anything that the pros at B&H have (I have shopped all the online stores and prefer Newtonville). They are family run, and I have watched many times as the sales people educate new buyers about a camera. They have good relations with the manufacturers, can get the best repair and warranty, and also understand the used market very well. I get both pro and consumer products from them and have no problem recommending them. Sometimes you have to wait a little when they get busy, but if you listen to them talking to other customers you can learn a lot, and also see that they are very honest. Their prices are very similar to discount stores, and their service is worth much much more than anything Best Buy will try to sell you. They can also do prints and let you print. I know how to print and have my own printers and still bring any printing work to them. They also copy video and large files and do digital work. They have inventory of out of date parts, and they can get you odd parts easily." - Marty A, Newton (via Yelp)

"I recently bought a used 5D Mark II from this store. The camera was in much better shape than I even expected and the price for it was very reasonable, even more affordable than some of the prices I saw for similar items on Amazon.com. I also had the added advantage of getting to try out the equipment in person. The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the equipment. I highly recommend Newtonville Camera. I will definitely be back." - Daniel F, Boston (via Yelp)

"I've frequently visited the Newtonville Camera Store for well over 20 years now and find over and over again a pleasant experience each and every time. The smiles are always there, the wealth of camera knowledge can't be matched as well as the help given to a novice photographer like myself. Sometimes the issues that I have with developing a picture can be complicated to me, but is always remedied by the professional staff at the store. To top all of that off, you can't find a better camera deal. I'm very fortunate to have Newtonville Camera in my midst." - Michael M, Newton (via Yelp)

"Very nice camera salesman... this is a GREAT local camera store. Really good product with a decent selection at all times. I have purchased many great things here and hope to continue in the future." - Mark S, Watertown (via Yelp)

"I've had decades of good experiences with Newtonville Camera and their staff. I have always been welcomed, treated courteously, and given good advice. I recommend Newtonville Camera enthusiastically!" - Sarah E, Wayland (via Yelp)

"Newtonville Camera has a really impressive selection of stuff. It's crammed with gear for Canons and Nikons other denominations, and truth be told, i didn't get the chance to explore it all. Suffice it to say, i intend to go back when i have the time and money to spend and see if there's anything i, uh, need. Today, though, i needed a new battery for my five-year old Canon d-SLR, and the guy i spoke to on the phone confirmed they had one..." - Rob C, Boston (via Yelp)

"Everyone has always been friendly and very helpful. I enjoy having a nicely stocked camera store within walking distance from my house." - J R, Watertown (via Yelp)

"I've been back a few times since my last review and am loving these guys. When I have a tough question about how to do something they have the answer. I also like how they have a variety of used gear, which no one seems to sell anymore." - Admir A, Boston (via Yelp)

"Researched cameras on amazon and went in to check them out in person. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, without being weird. And most importantly, he was open about pricing and comparing to online. Their prices (for canon rebel t3i and EF-S 55-250 lens) were the same as amazon, so I bought from them. And the amount of time he spent talking to me (and will in the future when I return and make him teach me how to use the camera) was worth it. And nice. I'm glad I made this my camera depot." - Corey L, Salem (via Yelp)

"Another #NewtonMA #shoplocal favorite. Knowledgeable and great people at @nvcamera" - Chris S. (via Twitter)

"My camera is nice and clean for this weekend's wedding! Thanks @nvcamera for your always lovely service!" - Stephanie R. (via Twitter)

"Finding a local camera shop with smart employees is pretty rare these days... I've been in for frames, prints, supplies and equipment... you do generally get some nice input from the staff. I've come out very happy with some camera bags and cleaning supplies (the Giotto rocket is the best invention ever, and hard to come by). I find the filters I need and even nice basic frames. If I have a general photography question, someone always knows the answer. No one has ever tried to 'sell' me there. For prints, I only ever get B/W prints done there, as not a lot of places develop B/W film. Been very happy with them for those prints, too." - Pete K, Acton (via Yelp)

"I went to @nvcamera today, a real life, actual camera store. It had real living people that smiled and answered questions." - Karson T. (via Twitter)

"Thanks @nvcamera for my new 50mm 1.4! I love buying all my camera gear from a local store with friendly, helpful customer service!" - Abby L. (via Twitter)

"Newtonville Camera is the best media and photography store in New England. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful." - Steven L, Wayland (via Yelp)

"The owner is a really nice guy. I went in there and had all my bag questions answered by him, but couldn't decide on the bag I wanted. So I came back one more time. It was extremely busy in there and he was able to still be a chill guy, and answer remaining questions that I had." - Ian A, Watertown (via Yelp)

"This is a first class establishment that caters to the amateur and the professional. The service is superior to any other camera store I've been to. Everyone is really friendly and knowledgeable. I have bought several cameras from the store, along with a few lenses. I've also had frames made there and they came out awesome! They have a wide selection of equipment to choose from. They also have an option to upload your digital pictures online and pick up in the store. I would recommend this store over any other camera store..." - Greg B, Newton (via Yelp)

"I have to echo all the other positive feedback. You would be crazy to shop any other camera store. The service is OUTSTANDING. I have shopped there for 25 years - bought all my many cameras and lenses there, both film and digital, and accessories. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. The prices are more than fair. They don't try to push the wrong product or any product for that matter. Ask them any question and they have the answer. What box store would provide service such as that? Support your local businesses - that's what neighborhood is all about!!" - Maria M, Wellesley (via Yelp)

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They helped me pick out the best camera to suit my needs and patiently answered all of my questions. The price of the camera was the same as at large stores like Best Buy, but at Newtonville Camera, I was able to play around with the camera features, so I could leave feeling comfortable that I made a great purchase. I'm so glad to have such a great brick-and-mortar photography shop so close to home!" - Andrea M, Cambridge (via Yelp)

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